C3 AI Applications

C3 AI provides over 40 turnkey Enterprise AI applications that meet the business-critical needs of global enterprises in manufacturing, financial services, government, utilities, oil and gas, chemicals, agribusiness, defense and intelligence, and more.

Shell Chooses C3 AI to Digitally Transform Shell

U.S. Air Force Increases Aircraft Readiness Using C3 AI Readiness

ENGIE Chooses C3 AI for ESG Standard

Koch Uses Enterprise AI at Scale

Enterprise Data Analytics Platform and AMI Operations

Baker Hughes Uses C3 AI for Digital Transformation of Energy Industry

C3 AI Software

AI Applications
C3 AI Applications
Development Tools
C3 AI Studio / C3 AI Ex Machina
AI App Platform
C3 AI Platform
SageMaker Azure ML Vertex AI
AWS / Microsoft / Google Cloud

AI Applications

Ready-to-use enterprise AI applications for high-value use cases.

  • AI CRM Suite
  • Reliability Suite
  • Supply Chain Suite
  • Sustainability Suite
  • Defense and Intelligence Suite
  • Financial Services Suite
  • Oil and Gas Suite
  • Public Sector Suite

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C3 AI Customers

C3 AI Studio

C3 AI provides an integrated family of development tools to meet the needs of different development communities.

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Data Science

C3 AI uses industry standard tools, including Jupyter Notebook, R, Python, and Scala.


Deep Code

C3 AI provides access to deep code through the Visual Studio, a popular source code editor.


Low Code

C3 AI Studio has a low code interface to develop. deploy, and operate enterprise AI applications.


No Code

C3 AI Ex Machina is a no code interface to design, develop, and deploy AI solutions and analytics.


Proven results in weeks, not years


2 Hours



2-3 Days



8-12 Weeks


AI Application
Deployment in Production

3-6 Months


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