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A new platform that uses artificial intelligence to make money online has been released to the public.

Artificial intelligence technologies like ChatGPT and Midjourney are currently taking the world by storm. What most people don’t know though, is that AI technology isn’t new, infact it’s been around for years.

It wasn’t until recently, programmers have discovered that if the average person can use AI technology to make money on their behalf, removing human error, the potential for profit is huge – and that’s just what “AI Trader” does, while you sleep.



3 biggest advantages of this application:

By far, the biggest advantage of this application is because of artificial intelligence, there is minimal manual work required. Some users are already earning $14,750 per month, well above the average for similar apps that have insane membership fees.

Secondly, the app has a simple user interface, so no technical knowledge or experience is required to use it. The app comes with an algorithm that can independently determine which currencies or stocks to buy and which to sell in order to maximize profits.

Thirdly, withdrawals are fast (within 2 days of request) and reliable. Various payment methods are supported, such as cards, online accounts or bank transactions.

How does this app work?

To get started, you must deposit a small amount of funds in to your account balance so that the AI trading app can begin automatically buying and selling currencies, shares or bonds in order to generate profit. All transactions are carried out in a relatively short time, from a few minutes to several hours.

The way the app determines which currencies to buy and sell and at what time relies on the analysis of thousands of market indicators, from technical analysis of charts to world news that affect the movement of values.

The real power of this app that sets it apart from others is an advanced AI algorithm that analyzes thousands of such signals every minute and is able to predict with extreme precision what to buy and sell at the right time to achieve maximum profit.


You can access the direct signup page by clicking here

Can you really use this app to make profits?

AI Trader has been in closed beta for several months, with only a small circle of people receiving access when registrations first opened 2 months ago. Initial data indicates that the average revenue per user was just over $14,700 per month, but this depends mainly on the size of the investment and the development of the algorithm, which, according to the founders, is improving day by day and currently has a success rate of 92%.

We tried it ourselves: here are our results

To provide more realistic results of this app, we’ll show you the results from the last 15 days when we’ve tested the app ourselves.

After creating my account, I received a call from my personal account manager. The account manager was very helpful in getting my account set up and explaining the whole process to me. After a short phone call I was ready to begin AI trading with the most popular 3 instruments: currencies, bonds and stocks.

In the results “screenshot” below, you can see the daily investment, the starting and ending value reached by the algorithm and the profit made at the end of each day:


In 30 days we had a 73% success rate. Since only professional stock traders have such results, this is yet another incredible testament to the power of artificial intelligence technology that already far exceeds the capabilities of average humans.

We managed to generate $24,152.01 profit in just over 30 days. Although this is not like the huge sums that traders on Wall Street achieve, this result is very impressive if you consider that the app has done all of the work for you and that its accuracy only increases over time.

The easiest way to access this app

There are several links through which you can create your user account in the Trader AI application, but due to the high demand, most of them are often unavailable and require you to get on the waitlist. Therefore, you will often see this message:


After a bit of “digging” on the internet, we found a direct link to the registration form that bypasses the overloaded home page and waitlist and allows you to register instantly.

IMPORTANT: You may only create one account per person. When registering, it is important that you check your details are correct because you will receive a phone call from your account manager to verify your account. After the verification, which takes about 2 minutes, you can start using the application immediately.



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